As a parent of one or more gifted, intense, highly-sensitive, quirky kids, how often do you feel…


red_explosion… Frazzled and overwhelmed from constantly taking kids to and  from schools, lessons, activities, playdates; juggling the budget to figure out how you can afford the school, the lessons, the activities; feeling drained by the intensity of your own and other
family members’ emotions?

yellow_explosion… Incompetent or not up to the task of giving your child what  s/he needs – questioning your own ability to set and enforce limits, “keep up with,” or understand your child well enough to help effectively?

orange_explosion Isolated and lonely in your endeavors as a parent because  you can’t find others who really understand what your daily life looks like?


It doesn’t have to be this way! What if your experience as a parent could be MUCH different?

Imagine if you could…


lavender_heart … Find more balance and peace in your family life, with time for what’s really important to each family member and to the family as a whole, with more realistic expectations, and with new
understanding and skills to manage the intensities.

lt_pink_heart … Feel more confident and capable as a parent who can set and enforce limits as necessary with children, and learn to trust yourself to make good decisions from a place of love for them.

brt_pink_heart … Know that you are understood, supported, and that you are not alone in your journey, however different, strange, or amazing it may seem.

These are my 7 Gems for Parents of Gifted, Intense,
Highly-Sensitive, Quirky Kids!


I’m so glad you’re taking this step to get the support you want in your often-complex task of raising one or more gifted children.

My 7 Gems are some of the most useful things I have learned or discovered (usually the hard way!) both as a parent and as a professional counselor working with gifted children, teens, adults, and parents.

As my gift to you, I’ve made a video that explains the meanings of these 7 Gems. I feel sure there will be at least one that really speaks to you!

Just tell me where to send the video, and you’ll get immediate access. Please don’t worry about getting your email inbox loaded up with a barrage of messages from me; I don’t like that, either. I also do not share your information with anyone.

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How do I know it’s possible for you to make your family life much better?

Because I’ve been there as a parent, myself.

I’m Kathy Anderson Courchene. As the parent of three now-grown gifted children with additional special needs, I remember very well the feelings of delight and happy surprise, and I also remember those feelings of exhaustion and overwhelm, self-doubt, and of being misunderstood or minimized by others when I shared my parenting experience.

Now I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in working with gifted folks, and am a gifted adult, myself.

I’ve created Gifted 24/7 to help kids, teens, and adults—including parents just like you—better understand what being gifted is really about (hint: it’s not about performance and achievement), better understand themselves and the ways their gifts are expressed, and just plain feel more comfortable in their own skin so they can live happier, more meaningful lives.

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Kathy Courchene, LPC